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What is Jitjatjo?
What exactly is Jitjatjo?
What exactly is Jitjatjo?

Who we are and what we do

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What is Jitjatjo?

We’re glad you took the time to ask!

Jitjatjo (pronounced like tic-tac-toe) is a tech company made up of passionate people who truly believe that every person should have a chance to work, earn money and feel proud after a day's work!

We’ve designed a platform that helps align people and their skills/experiences with work opportunities they'll love. Our community of dedicated Talent enjoy working gigs in hospitality, restaurants and bars, sports venues, theme parks, department stores, healthcare, and more. We work with some of the biggest, most recognizable hospitality operators and retailers in the world who trust us to help them when they need it.

Are you wondering about gig work?

Gig work is also referred to as temp work or picking-up shifts. It’s the opportunity to work when and where you want, as much or as little as your schedule allows. This is the best part of working gigs - you get to choose when & where you work!

Take a look around and read a few of these articles. They’ll help you better understand what we’re all about.

Download the Flex by Jitjatjo app on your smartphone TODAY and start your application. We’d love to see you join our amazing community!

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