We continue to follow CDC guidelines and state, city and local mandates regarding the Coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Plan is effective October 18, 2021 and is subject to change at any time. Note that this Plan is intended to comply with the restrictions required or recommended by government agencies and/or federal, state or local laws. Given the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 reopening guidelines, in the event that any of the requirements or plans herein conflict with updates to regulations or laws, such updated regulation or law will take precedence.

This overrides any and all previously published COVID-19 policies. Jitjatjo may revise this Plan at any time in response to changing information and government recommendations/directives regarding the Virus.

1. Purpose/Objective

At Jitjatjo (the “Company”), the health, safety, and experience of our Talent is our top priority. Like many businesses, we are closely monitoring the outbreak of Coronavirus / COVID-19 (the “Virus”). The purpose of this policy is to provide you with an update on the precautionary actions we are taking in response to COVID-19 and reassure you that we have a clear action plan in place.

As a company based in the United States, we are following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local ordinances. We have a preparedness plan in place in the event a Talent has contracted the coronavirus and are prepared to communicate additional protocols in the event that a Talent or location is directly at risk.

The CDC continues to update guidance for specific groups including businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities. The most current guidance from the CDC is available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html.

The Company will take proactive steps to protect our Talent. It is always the goal of the Company to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided and that Talent remain safe.

2. Proof of COVID Vaccination

2.1 Vaccination Requirement

At Jitjatjo you are not currently required to get or to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Talent will continue to have access to gigs that don’t require Talent to be fully vaccinated but note that many of our Clients are making this a standard requirement. All Talent are responsible for carefully reviewing the Special Instructions included in each gig to ensure all necessary requirements are met before accepting the gig.

2.2 Uploading Proof of Vaccination

Once Talent has received at least one vaccine shot, the Company asks Talent to upload their valid CDC Vaccination card to get access to more exciting new gigs via the Accreditation feature of the Flex by Jitjatjo app. Talent should upload a revised proof of vaccination after receiving a second shot to have greater access to gig opportunities.

Understand that while the Company does not require Talent to be vaccinated, many of our Clients are mandating this requirement.

Talent is responsible for uploading their own valid vaccination card issued by a healthcare provider or pharmacy that clearly states name, vaccine dates, and the name of vaccine administered.

Providing a counterfeit vaccination card can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. In addition, according to the law, presenting a counterfeit vaccination card is considered a federal crime and can result in a fine and up to 5 years in prison.

For Talent looking to get vaccinated, review the CDC FAQ page and to find a vaccination site nearby, available here at https://www.vaccines.gov/search/ or dial 311 to find a doctor in your area.

Be sure to check for COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive programs that may be available locally.

2.3 Worksite Vaccination Verification

The on-site Manager has the right to review Talent’s proof of vaccination. Should the Manager determine that the card is not valid or that the Talent does not meet the requirements to work, they have the authority to remove Talent from the gig. In this instance, Talent is not eligible for any compensation.

3. Gigs and Leave

3.1 Talent Confirmed on Future Gigs

The Company will closely monitor the safety of each workplace by communicating with Clients and Change Agents responsible for placing the bookings.

Unless the Company has been notified that a workplace is unsafe, Talent are expected to report for work as scheduled and Jitjatjo’s standard disciplinary policy, including cancellations, punctuality, and absenteeism, will still apply.

3.2 Cancelled Gigs - Unsafe Workplace

In the event the Company cancels a gig within 24 hours of the scheduled start time due to a notification of an unsafe workplace, and the Company is unable to provide Talent with an alternative gig on the same day (“cancelled gig”), Talent will receive 4-hours’ pay at the specified pay rate included in the gig details in the Flex by Jitjatjo app.

Instant Pay is not available/applicable for cancelled gigs.

3.3 Cancelled Gigs - Vaccination Requirement

If Talent accepts a gig with COVID vaccination requirements, which can be found in the Special Instructions, but does not meet these requirements, the Company will remove Talent from these gigs regardless of any advance notice. In this case, Talent is not eligible for 4-hours’ pay even if canceled under the 24-hour window. All Talent are responsible for carefully reviewing the Special Instructions included in each gig to ensure all necessary requirements are met before accepting the gig.

If Talent choses to disregard the requirements included in the Special Instructions and arrive at the gig, the on-site Manager is obligated to dismiss the Talent upon arrival and Talent is not eligible for any compensation for their time.

3.4 Talent Sick Leave Policy

Talent will be eligible for and can accrue sick time based on state and local regulations.

Accrued Sick Leave may only be used in the event Talent has accepted a gig and is unable to work due to illness. Talent must immediately notify the Company via the Chat icon on the Flex by Jitjatjo app. Talent may be required to submit a valid healthcare provider’s note.

Sick Leave is paid at the pay rate of the gig in which Talent was scheduled to work. Only hours that have been accrued can be applied towards sick leave and will be paid the following pay period. Sick leave is not eligible for Instant Pay. Accrued Sick Leave does not carry over into the next calendar year (unless mandated by state and local regulations). Unused Sick Leave is forfeited.

COVID-19 Related Leave is unpaid unless the Talent is otherwise eligible for Sick Leave.

4. Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 While Working

The Company requires that all Talent cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 while working. According to the CDC, the following practices help to prevent the transmission of infectious disease:

  • Frequent hand washing with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds

  • If soap is not available to clean your hands, use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

  • Cover your mouth whenever you sneeze or cough

  • Discard used tissues in wastebaskets

  • Clean frequently touched surfaces

  • Avoid people who are sick or showing symptoms

Where requested or required by local mandate, Talent must wear face coverings while working. Talent who are unwilling to comply will receive a formal warning and/or will be immediately removed from the gig and not eligible for any compensation.

5. Social Distancing

Talent are expected to research and follow local mandates regarding safety while commuting and participating in activities outside the home.

Talent are expected to maintain social distancing guidelines with coworkers and other people that are present at the job location. Talent who are unwilling to comply with social distancing or safety practices may receive a formal warning and/or will be immediately removed from the gig and not eligible for any compensation.

6. Talent reporting symptoms

6.1 Safety Hold on Talent Account

Talent who have symptoms are advised to seek medical attention, stay home and not go to work, and notify the Community Management Team via the chat function in the Flex app. Once the Company is notified, Talent’s account will be placed on a “Safety Hold”, which prevents Talent from receiving gig invites for 10 days. Talent may take and submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test according to the CDC requirements (see link below) and once Company has reviewed and approved the results, the “Safety Hold” will be removed from their account. To submit a valid healthcare provider or pharmacy negative COVID-19 test result, send an email to hr@jitjatjo.com. Rapid and home tests are not accepted at this time.

Carefully review the CDC published guidelines here that explain proper time frames and protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated people who have been exposed and/or having symptoms: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html

6.2 Requests for Documentation

If a Talent is out sick or showing symptoms, it may become necessary to request more information. The Company has the right to request a valid healthcare provider note to confirm the Talents’ need to be absent, and/or to know that it is appropriate for the Talent to return to work.

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