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How do I apply for Jitjatjo?
How do I apply for Jitjatjo?

How do I submit my application for Jitjatjo?

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Apply today!

The entire application is completed on your smartphone. We recommend having a good internet connection when you apply.


To apply to join Jitjatjo, complete the following steps:

  1. Create your profile

  2. Select the positions you are qualified to work

  3. Enter your experience

  4. Complete the Skills Assessment for each position you select


You can apply for multiple positions. For each position you select you are required to have:

  1. At least one year’s experience

  2. At least one reference with contact information

    1. Providing multiple references helps us better understand your experience and provide you with more gigs


  • Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and be at least 18 years of age

  • A background check is conducted after you accept our offer for employment

  • A smartphone (Android 5 or greater, iPhone 5 or greater) with an active data plan is required to use Jitjatjo

Employment Status

All Jitjatjo talent are classified as W2 workers, not 1099 workers. As W2 workers, Jitjatjo talent receives net pay. All applicable taxes (Federal, State, and local) are deducted from their gross pay so you have less to worry about at tax time. 


Pay rates are set by skill and paid hourly. 

About Jitjatjo

Jitjatjo matches the best talent with catering services, restaurants, bars, corporate hospitality, stadiums, and theme parks. 

If hired by Jitjajto, you will have the ability to pick up hourly/temporary work. 

Jitjatjo is an equal-opportunity employer. 

Download the Flex by Jitjatjo app on your smartphone to start your application today.

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