Gigs are paid on a weekly basis. Additionally, if you are eligible, you can expedite your payment with Instant Pay through our third party provider.

Available payment methods:

  1. Direct Deposit (Standard Payment)
  2. Live Check (Standard Payment)
  3. Instant Payment

Instant Payment

Instant Pay is an incentive to use the On My Way feature, arrive and clock in on-time, and meet client expectations.

To qualify you must:

  1. Enter a supported debit card into the app before the gig.
  2. Tap On My Way.
  3. Clock in on-time to your gig.
  4. Not be reported by the client during the gig.

How it works
Your funds are routed to your bank's checking account through your debit card. There are no processing fees.  

Accepted debit cards

  • Debit cards issued by major banks are accepted. 
  • Prepaid cards are not accepted (e.g. NetSpend, Paypal, Rush Card).
  • Your debit card must be current.

Payment timing
Your payment may take up to 72 hours depending on your bank's processing time.


  • Expired debit cards or closed checking accounts - If the information you provided for payment is not current, your bank will hold your funds in a temporary account. Jitjatjo will need to retrieve your funds from your bank before your payment can be reissued. 
  • Gigs with longer close-out times - Gigs with a large number of staff, such as stadium gigs, will require additional time to verify all worker hours before the gig is closed. In those cases Instant Pay may take longer to process.

If you experience a delay in your payment, contact Jitjatjo's payroll team for assistance.

Unsuccessful transfers
As a safety net, if Instant Pay does not process, your payment defaults to a weekly Standard Payment method.

Standard Payment

How it works
Jitjatjo has two standard payment methods:

  1. Direct Deposit - Your payment is routed directly to your bank account. You need to enter you bank account and routing number into the app before you clock-in.
  2. Live Paper Check - To be issued a live check, leave your payment information blank in the app. You can make arrangement to have your check mailed to you or you can pick it up in our office.

Payment schedule
All standard payments are issued on a weekly basis. Gigs starting between Monday through Sunday are paid the following Friday.

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