There are two different calendars for you to enter your availability in the app:

  1. My Availability is for setting specific dates.
  2. My General Availability is for when you have the same availability every week.

Enter your General Availability once and then use My Availability as your go-to calendar.

My Availability 

This is your daily calendar. It's organized by date.

You can enter your availability up to 10 days in advance.

Located on your home page.

My General Availability 

This is your recurring calendar. It's organized by weekdays (Monday through Sunday).

Enter your availability once and it will automatically repeat on a weekly basis.

Adding your general availability will allow you to get invited to gigs

  • more than 10 days out 
  • and as far as 2 months in advance.

Your general availability automatically fills into your daily calendar once a week.

Entering & editing your availability


  • Purple = available
  • Clear = not available

To customize a time slot

  • Swipe left to edit
  • Swipe right to reset the slot back to the default 

To save

Tap the check mark on the top right corner.

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