You may get invited to work a backup gig. Backups are intended to ensure a gig is 100% covered.


  1. When you accept a backup gig, you are required to be on-site, at the requested time, in the requested dress attire, in case the primary worker cancels or arrives late. 
  2. When you arrive, you need to communicate to the shift manager that you are the backup and await their instruction.

You will learn whether or not you are working when you arrive.  

  1. If you are needed - You will be paid for the hours you work.
  2. If you are not needed - You will be paid for 4 hours as long as you arrived on time.

Backup gigs are subject to the same disciplinary actions as a regular gig, including cancellations, no shows, and tardiness.

The benefit of being a backup
If you are not needed as a backup, Jitjatjo will try to put you on any other open gigs that day that are a match with your skills.

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